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I work on a variety of content writing, editing and marketing projects for clients across the United States. Here are some examples of my best work.

Content Writing Blunders You Need to Avoid

In this Google-focused age, it can be hard to understand what content will help a business become successful. If you run, market or write for a small or start-up stage business, this challenge can be even more frustrating and feel insurmountable. Fortunately, it can be simple to write solid, trustworthy content that your audience can appreciate and search engines will be more likely to trust. Avoiding the following mistakes is a great way to begin boosting your content writing, whether you are a

Here’s Why You Need to Take a Break

You need to take a break every so often. Here’s why. If you are a diligent and hard worker, you may often find that it is hard to take a break from work, even when you are on vacation or trying to enjoy a holiday weekend. On Labor Day of 2018, I did something that I almost never do: I actually took the day off. Of course, this was pretty easily accomplished on a practical level as a freelance writer; I have the freedom to more or less choose my projects and set my schedule. On an intellectual

Tips for Staying Organized as a Writer - or Any Other Professional

Tips for Staying Organized as a Writer – or Any Other Professional While most writers are fantastic at their craft, many tend to be more creative than they are analytical. This is the case no matter what country a writer hails from. While being left-brained is a great asset to have in a creativity-based profession, it can cause problems if you want to be an organized professional that excels in your field. Writers tend to see the “big picture”, even when writing highly technical or business-bas

The Tied House beer coaster that traveled to the Space Station and back!

What does a little Bay Area beer coaster have to do with a research-based 1998 NASA space mission? It all started with a NASA astronaut. Captain Altman and his crew were regulars at the Tied House microbrewery in Mountain View, located just a few miles from nearby NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Federal Airfield in California's Silicon Valley. In fact, they loved the Tied House brewery so much that in 1998 they decided to bring one of the microbrewery's beer coasters with them on their STS

3 Free Tools That Make Photo Editing and Management Easier

Life as a B2C professional is fast-paced and exciting. There’s never a dull moment. This is especially true if you manage your or your company’s graphic design and photo editing. What could be more enticing than working with colorful, beautiful photos and graphics? Even with all of the benefits that photo editing and management bring, there are times when it can be very stressful to figure it all out in the graphic design world. It can be especially challenging to try to find great software to m

Four Positive Sentences to Improve Your Life

Have you taken a moment recently to think about the power of the words you say? Too often, we say words and sentences that are very careless or even hurtful, either to others or ourselves, and don’t even stop to think about the far-reaching effects that doing so will have. I have found that one of the best ways to stop having a negative influence through speaking and writing is by increasing the positive sayings that I put out into the world. Here are five simple examples of positive sentences y

Mike Posner's "Song About You" - a discussion

I have been a Mike Posner fan since I was in high school, which was when I first heard his now famous single, "Cooler Than Me." I was sitting in my Honors Algebra class back in 2010, a class where my teacher played Top 40 hits during each session. As I listened to the song I realized that it spoke to me on a deep level, even though I hadn’t really experienced exactly what Posner was talking about. I was also almost mesmerized by the ingenious way in which Posner meshed rap, hip-hop and pop into

Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Social Media Content

If you are a member of the digital marketing world, you have most likely heard about Twitter's new updates to its content and automation policies. Twitter is taking measures to curb unwanted content and spam accounts, and one way it is accomplishing this is through banning duplicate posts. If your SMM plan depends on duplication, you may be wondering not only how you are going to adapt, but also why it is so important to do away with this type of strategy all of a sudden. I'm about to answer tha

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